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The Wall ....OT asked me to post this for her Lee Shake Bear Thanks to Old Timer for requesting that my letter be posted on this site, and thank you to the man who honored her request.

I was 5 years old when WW-II ended, 13 years old when the Korean War ended. When the Vietnamese War came to a close, I was married with a young son. Just between the Korean and the Vietnamese Wars, over 91,000 Americans died.

If you discount our lost and missing in those two wars, another 89,000 Americans died, keeping the peace as cold-warriors. And after all of that, was the Gulf War.

My request to readers of this post is: Next Memorial Day... please take the time to attend the Memorial Day Parade in your community. But most especially, when you do, also go to the Memorial Service at the end of the parade because THAT is where the REAL BUSINESS of Memorial Day takes place.

The purpose of Memorial Day is to honor those who served this nation as members of our military services in times of war and also in times when it was necessary to keep the peace.

And if "The Wall" ever comes to your community, please take an hour or so to visit this extraordinary Memorial exhibit. I promise you, you will not leave, unchanged.

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