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TOLD Ya! Gina * Gina The Staten Island Web didn't run away on ya LOL

Never realized how addicted to this web site u'all r till it was down for about the past 24
hours...GADSSSSSSSSS all those "shakin n spazzin" emails...I think it's time for a SI-Web
Addiction meeting pronto LMAO

Stay calm, hang on ta yaself n just repeat after me...
I'm a StatNisland Web Addict

Please grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change
to change the things I can
to not scream too loud at my ISP when I cannot connect
to understand that the Internet is just another jumble of phone lines with trunk lines,
routers & hubs
to accept that the Internet can get jammed like the highways I drive on
to know the difference between uPgrade & web maintenance
to always thank the Webmaster when the SI-Web is back online all showered & lube'd
ready for all dem posts ya been holding on to the past 24 hours or so

Now gooooooooooo post :)


P.S. U too RS :)

NNNNNNNNNN Thank U Webmaster, you're the greatest. Ya been hitting the reset button go get some well deserved rest :)


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