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Ayy! Where You Guys Been? Gina * Gina On 06/30/2000 2:45:00 AM, FawCawnahs wrote:
I tried to log on this morning but..................

g-etc. etc.

>Since I'd just upgraded a
>couple of very basic software
>packages, I figured I just
>screwed up as usual.
>I tried again tonite with the
>same result.
>I was about to shoot my CPU
>just to teach it who wuz boss.
>Instead, I emailed Gina.
>Gina likes to give me a hard
>Made me jump through da hoops
>before cluing me in that the
>fault wasn't mine this time.
>Something called Atlantic Bell
>(experts!) screwed up, not me.
>So now I can keep after youse
>Shoot down your balloons as
>soon as they get high enuf to
>get a bead on.
>Who's first?

G- Yep! I must say FawCawnahs did some good "hoop through" jumpin. Couldn't resist bustin his email chops a bit LOL but he was a good sport n took my response email very well (after he gritted his teeth a bit & caWled out a few woids in SI Slinguage) Figured I'd be the first to reply here so this way...while he's pickin on me he's leavin the rest of youse guys alone LMAO


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