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Ayy! Where You Guys Been? Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs I tried to log on this morning but couldn't reach this site.
I could reach every other strange site, but not this one.

Since I'd just upgraded a couple of very basic software packages, I figured I just screwed up as usual.

I tried again tonite with the same result.

I was about to shoot my CPU just to teach it who wuz boss.

Instead, I emailed Gina.

Gina likes to give me a hard time.

Made me jump through da hoops before cluing me in that the fault wasn't mine this time. Something called Atlantic Bell (experts!) screwed up, not me.

This saved my CPU.

It saved me.

I felt good about myself again.

I wasn't nuts after all. Not as nuts as you may think, anyway.

It was t h e i r fault, not mine, this time.

So now I can keep after youse guys.

Shoot down your balloons as soon as they get high enuf to get a bead on.

Who's first?


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