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Delete Before Reading - tchotchke Margie Stephens Margie The answer Fairy responds because she wishes Gina to sleep well tonight:

bubbe-mayse (alternate spellings: bobbe-mayse, bawbe-myseh, baba-myseh, bobbe-maise)

A compound nound cherished by Yinglishmen. Pronounce it bub EH my SEH or baw HEH my SEH

1. (Literally) Grandma's story.
2. An absurd account or explanation.
3. An old wives' tale.

This compound noun is used with zest to pulverize an account, excuse, or explanation:

"Imagine that man trying to get away with such a bubbemayse!"

The above from *The Joys of Yinglish* by Leo Rosten. The book comes with this wonderful Warranty To The Reader:

"If, after reading this opus, you are not completely delighted, just return the book to me--enclosing the receipt for the exact amount you paid.

I promise to return your receipt within five days."

--Leo Rosten

Who could ask for more?? You want more? He wrote other books - go look 'em up.

Margie, da lady what throws books

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