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ELIAN GONZALEZ goes home... Gina * Gina U.S. Supreme Court Judges have voted to refuse to hear the case of the "Miami Family" to keep Elian in the UNITED STATES - the request to extend the injunction to keep Elian in the US expires today at 4PM and was also refused an extension.

Elian & Dad & Family & Friends will be going home to Cuba later today. They will be flying out from Dulles Airport in a U.S. chartered jet(s) hired by the Cuban Gov., leaving approx. 5 PM - I pray the skies a safe & peaceful flight to their home land, Cuba.

Good Luck Elian et al on your long awaited return to Cuba.
"AMERICAS FREE SHORES" - only 90 miles & 1 step on shore
will be here awaiting to see you again one day in your
future, after your successful "FLOAT TO FREEDOM".

Elian et al...always remember this...
In any country under communist rule, there will/can
shared within the strengths of your Family Circle
that will continue to prevail on your road of a good life.

Hasta que satisfacemos otra vez a mi pequeño amigo, sigue habiendo la paz y la libertad siempre con usted.
(Till we meet again my little friend, peace and freedom remain always with you.)

B safe...B happy

God Bless.

* I DO NOT agree with Cuba's politico in any way, shape or form. I DO BELIEVE in my heart & in my freedom of conscience that Elian Gonzalez, until his age of maturation does belong with his only remaining parent, his Father, wherever he may choose to call their home.


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