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Da real trouble is the witnesses they never can tell ya what day really saw at the scene of the crime, right RS? Da same goes for the ferry boats. Some examples of experience and difficulty in navigation are included here for the regular land lubbers. It has been said that the only hard part in flying is getting back onto the ground is a safe condition. the same applies to ships and boats the grounding or contact with the dock or pier is the name of the game.

Skills and tool necessary to operate a ferry from point a to point b have been handed down from a long line of sailor types from the Nile valley, the Bosporus at Istanbul, from Naples to Itchier and Capri, and last but not least from Dover to Calais and Dunkerque.

In the United States the use of ferry boats have been most prevalent in the greater NYC area and also in the SF bay area in the west.

The operator (Pilot, Captain, Mate etc.) have to deal with many preset conditions many of which are out of anyone’s control. weather conditions including high/low pressure and tides, currents and winds all play a factor on the maneuvering of the boat into the dock. Other outside factors include the season of the year, time of day, snow melt in the adirondack mountains, the inlet and outlet water temperature on the ferry boat and at the Indian Point Nuclear power plant. Also the position of the sun and moon are a factor along with the tides and currents tables.

Of special interest to the docking operation of at the two ferry terminals is the disturbed water caused by the juncture of major waterways including the Hudson River, East River, Raritan River, Arthur Kill, Kill van Cull, upper and lower New York bays, Raritan bay, Newark bay, Hackensack River, and of course the Atlantic Ocean. The point of docking at both locations are presented to the operator in a state similar to the disturbed water at Hells Gate, but these disturbances are deep and not easily seen by the passenger or operator for that matter.

Since ferry were operated by Mr. Vanderbuilt of Staten Island fame (also known for his small summer cottage in Newport) the other uncontrollable factor is the shift in cargo as the boat approaches the terminal.

Due to all these factors the docks were specially build to handle the bumps. so were da boats. If ya got a problem with that keep seat until the boat has made the landing. Or, you just might bump into someone NICE LOL
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