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Boy ol RS you sure are bringing back the old memories. What a nice ride across the water for a nickle. The things we saw from that old boat. I am sure we did not appreciate it at the time. We were too anxious to get to the "city", either for shopping or fun. Now I know at this old age of mine and looking back, I would just sit and admire what was out there on the scene. We rush our lives away just going and getting to our destination. I can feel those bumps just siting here at this computer. The swaying and the screeching. The smells of the city as we walked thru the terminal. The Pretzels, the old third avenue "el". Long torn down in LaGuardia's day and shipped to Japan as scrap and sent back in WW11 as arms. This I was always reminded of by an older woman who resented it being destroyed. It was our means to shop on fourteenth st. or wherever we were going. Just thinking these thoughts takes me on a journey in my memory. I remember when Christmas shopping in New York City, all we had to do after a purchase was say, "send it", and it was delivered to our door. We did not have to carry all those packages home. Try that today. LOL Well enough of the oldtimer's rambling. But, thanks again for the memory RS.

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