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The Shoeshine Parlor Harry White Harry da Hammer "From: DBLIVIT
Date: Saturday, August 29, 1998 02:50 PM

In the early 70's a bunch of us were working at Cape Canaveral/Kennedy for an outfit called Scientific Data Systems based out of El Segundo in the South Bay area of LA. While the company had a solid reputation in their niche of the market, it was not considered a "blue chip" old line conservative company. Indeed, the president and founder had just divorced his wife of 30years and married an exotic dancer from one of the bars along the Aviation blvd. strip where we all used to gather for our extended lunch hours."

Dan, I found this post while making my way through the older posts. I was worked for the DOD all of my career. Did a lot of field engineering. One of my early, '63, assignments was the development of a system based upon the SDS-910. It was a very reliable machine. It is amazing how computers have progressed since then.

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