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Delete Before Reading Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu rs,

address is

Richard A. LaDieu
6852 Nashville Rd.
Lanham, Md. 20706

Use da middle initial or my son will wind up getting it. seems da post office still have not gotten us two figured out. fyi, i got a renewal from the md-dmv last week for him. they think i am him and he is me... ha ha ha.....

anyways, one of the reasons i post on this site is because we can vent our spleen a bit and it is not personal. your homelies (ahhhh long reading) are great. i don't always agree wit ya, but wot da hey --- if i agreed wit everyting ya or anyone else ever said dis world wud be boering as s--------t

p.s., tks for the freebie after i read it i will pass it on ....

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