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Delete Before Reading Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Okay, no hard feelings. I still love my sisters. I still love you know who. She hangs out at the Oarhouse, I dunno why.

La Doo: the book is called "American Tragedy," by Lawrence Schiller and James Willwerth. Email me an address and you get a clean copy of a $27.50 book free, gratis, at no cost, with my compliments for being a good correspondent on this here website.

I'm saving the Irish surnames book for a super-patriot who thinks that's a substitute for close analysis.

I must say, I got a kick out of writing the DBR post. I got the email issue, which has been lingering for a long time, off my chest, as well as my sisters' gifts, all at the same time. So no one should take this stuff personally. I laffed my *ss off at Trollman's apt reply.

I don't know how I forgot to include emailed jokes in my list of bugaboos, but I did.

Meanwhile, thanks for letting me vent. It beats your taking out the Gats, or taking me to Court; same thing.



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