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hey fawcarnars -- yep dats you rs Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Hey, LaDoo,

Because dats you, and you addressed this thing to me, I hit your hotlink and it brought me to, the website of the San Francisco Chronicle and the S.F. Examiner, the two local newspapers.

But it didn't get me further than dat.

So I didn't see a reference to the greedyassociates website.

I know from other sources that this refers to something happening among the big law firms. That's a different world than what I do.

They're Ford and Microsoft, I'm lucky if I'll ever be compared to some sole practitioner, such as, for modest example, Abe Lincoln or Clarence Darrow.

The starting lawyers, fresh out of law school, receive in salary, $105,000.

The firms can't hang on to them.


They go to work for dot.commerce companies as their lawyers and get stock options.

The "greedyassociates" website, as I understand it, is a site set up by some of these youngsters hoping to show that they also do good works, like for poor kids, etc. Not so greedy, in other words.

Federal judges, guys and gals at the top of their professional game, make around $130K. Imagine being a current day Learned Hand (a circuit judge in N.Y. in the early decades of the century, well-respected) ruling on cases where the attorneys, a lot younger than you, are making a lot more money than you.

I know, screw those judges. No one likes judges any more than we like umpires in baseball.

The fact is, we try to pick the best to be judges, after all the political calculations used to influence the choices.

So they ought to be paid commensurately.

We have federal judges leaving the bench to join law firms.

Believe me, this is not something we want to encourage, unless we have a bad judge, in which case the law firm doesn't want him, or her.

So that's what "greedy associates" is all about.

The other category, or one of the categories, of lawyer is the person who hasn't given up on the idea that the ideals that brought him/her to law school in the first place were good and long lasting and ought to be encouraged regardless of the loss in revenue this sometimes entails.

A good lawyer is like having a good coach.

If you find a good coach, stick with him, or her. He can always send you to someone else if he doesn't do that kind of work. When you're referred by someone who is respected, you generally get good service, on the theory that the guy doing the work doesn't want to disappoint the referring attorney. That's how you get future referrals, which is the lifeblood of the little guy.


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