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Will your child follow in your footsteps?? Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu harry,

if my son or daugher or grand children followed in my foot steps i would give em all a swift kick in da you noz wot......

i expect each of my offspring ( and i love them both dearly) and my grand children ( and i love them just as much as my children) to only learn from my experiences etc. not to follow in my foot steps.

i made too many errors. i do not wish them to make the same. however, i expect them to learn on their own, while at least hearing what i have to say (or hearing what their mother etc had to say) then doing what they each believe to be correct.

us parants or grand parants should not expect our children to following in our footsteps.... they should learn from us and make their own decision.

i as a parent will always be here to help them recover should they stumble.....just givem em an opinion --- some fatherly or motherly advise and let them choose.

but i do love the story.


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