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hey fawcarnars -- yep dats you rs Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu what do you know about this? can you send me more details? i tried ta get to da link but da puter choked on it???

help pretty please ---

(believe it or not -- your admiraor of da law)

Best Attorneys? Greedy Associates
Online Speech Hit with Offline Lawsuits
SF Gate

One Internet user posted an anonymous message on Yahoo that said Hvide
Marine, a Florida shipping company, ``hornswoggled'' and ``bamboozled''
shareholders out of their money. Another wrote that the firm's
management ``blew it'' and speculated whether they were under
investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The posters
eventually got what they wanted when Erik Hvide, the company's chief
executive, was fired. But that was soon followed by the unwelcome news
that Hvide was suing them and several others for libel, a case that is
being closely watched by companies and the Internet community.

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its from find law. an internet legal news letter i subscribe ta as well as man otters....

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