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Delete Before Reading Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu hey rs,

i'll take da oj book if ya don't mind. because i was working in da voa newsroom at da time -- making sure the puters didn't fail or making sure da backup systems i personally installed work, i followed the trail everyday on da boob tube --- dats television for da yungins who don't know old fashion statenislandeze.....however, i know there are several different books out on the simpson trial and i am interest in reading all of them, simpley because i am courious about the law. personally, i thing the laws in this country stink because too many corrupt lawyers and politicans and judges have corrupted it. that aside, ill tak the books if ya wanna sent it to me.

oh yea, when the jury was deliberating a pool was started in the newsroom. well all the reporters, editors and who ever else was there bet that simpson would be convicted.

guess what??? i was the only one who said he would be found not guilty. i was asked to give a reason -- so i said, because he was a black male with a majority black jury mostly made up of females.

the evidence in my opinion prooved he was guilty, but the reality was exactly what i said it was.

guess who won the pool?? no money was involved. it was just a pool of who was right and who was wrong. i was proven right as usual.

oh on the thing with your sisters bob --- yep, know da feeling. dats why i finally decided to make the jump of moving off the island. i had to also get away from the family nightmares that all my nieces and nephews wanted me to be solomon with.

i needed peace and quiet. unforunetly i wound up in a county with politicals just as stupid as those in nyc.

anoter story at anoter time.


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