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Delete Before Reading Dave Troland trollman Couldn't agree more. In fact, just so you know the extent to which I have been subjected to this unrequested deluge also, I'm going to forward to you all the emails I've received in the past 10 months. Many have attachments that you should look at, just to see the kind of inane crap that people send to each other. It kills me when I see people on bulletin boards and conferences sending this junk and fouling up other's hard drives. Rest assured, RS, I've scanned many of these messages for viruses, and so far have only come up with a couple, so you should be safe.

After you finish examining the entire 649 files please forward them to 12 other people. If you do, a pleasant surprise should occur, or you will find money, or a prayer will be answered, or a long lost friend will contact you. This email chain has never been known to fail.

Have a blessed day.

PS: The attachments are best viewed with a 28.8K modem.
Just had to throw that in.

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