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CHICAGO JUSTICE AND OUR FLAG Harry White Harry da Hammer From Rich's original post.

"Terrance Horan, whose bedroom window is 14 feet from the flagpole, testified he
couldn't sleep because of the racket when the clips securing the flag banged against
the aluminum pole.

Grayslake police Cmdr. Matt McCutcheon said police responded to several complaints the past few years about the noisy flag.

They tried to work out a compromise, getting LaBarbera to attach padding to the pole.

Apparently that wasn't enough. On May 31, neighbors complained again, and police
ticketed LaBarbera for disturbing the peace."

These neighbors obviously did not get along and found the flag flying was a way to do battle. I think the judge was a bit harsh. I think a solution could have been reached where the hours of flying the flag could have been restricted during the hours when it created a noise problem to the neighbors whose sleep was being disturbed.

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