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Church Bazaars ~ School Bazaars Dave Troland trollman It was indeed the same Sr. Athanasius who passed away this past week. My mother (still in Tottenville) called with the news as well, Margueritte.

Blue Ocean, you were a few years ahead of me, but I sort of remember the Manny Zmgrodski story. We had Gary Zmgrodski in our class, and I believe he still lives in Tottenville.

Other OLHC idiosynchrosies include:
- hot dogs for lunch, no bun, wrapped in a napkin
- peanut butter w/raisins sandwich
- the lunch line passing agonizingly by the Coke machine
- the sound of a coin echoing as it fell into the box on the votive candle rack
- "In Memory of Wiffie Tyrell" (on the stained glass in the church)
- "Claron Corp., Chicago IL" (a label on the back of every folding kneeler/chair in the auditorium)
- going to "the office" for supplies
- bookcovers with those pictures of sports/games
- Parker pens with cartridges
- those metal tray water color sets
- light blue final exam booklets
- the "pink stuff" sprinkled by Mr. Moog when a child got sick on the floor
- Aggie Ford, the diminutive ancient organist
- Srs. Rosaire, Aquinas, deChantel, Margaret Mary, Michael, Joachim, Annunciata, Monica, Brendan
- Msgrs. Vernon and Brennan, Frs. Miller, Burke, Wren, Yoon, Fernando.
- those bizarre overhead hanging light fixtures in each classroom

Add whatever you like to the list. It was an odd microcosm, that Old Lady's Hat Club.


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