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CHICAGO JUSTICE AND OUR FLAG Ken Parese PoTown Hey guys...

A surprise opine from da "conservative"
korner.....r.s. may well be right
correct. Mr. LaBarbera and Chicago scream show host, Madcow, did appear on Hannity and Combbs on Fox5 th' udder nite. It looks like a simple case of neighbor v. neighbor unable to communicate and Mr. LaBarbera was issued a citation for distoibing his neighbor's piece. Only after the citation was issued, did LaB. offer an olive branch. Lab's body language and demeanor showed a smart-a** attitude. The flag is only being used a a "prop" in the squabble. The courts are clogged with garbage cases, to be sure, due to an inability of people to settle disagreements among themselves. Then we allow some jerk in a black robe make decisions for us. We get what we ask for.
Start by teaching our kids as youts.


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