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CHICAGO JUSTICE AND OUR FLAG Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu rs,

you surprised me with your lawyer logic. as patos said, the guy who was fined for flying the american flag was on tv --- i believe it was fox tv. they had some aclu wacko liberl pinko lawyer on the other side of the discussion. yea, i labed the lawyer. he was way out of line.

this guy did everything he could do to make his neighbors happy. the judge in this case was totally out of line.

where the hell is shakes beer when we need him.

ya wanna know sometin... if i was flying the flag and my neighbors gave me flak like the guy in illinois, i would sit in jail till hell froze over and the judge was strung up on a flag pole upside down.

i took time out from my first weekend of actually getting to read a novel to listen to this debate regarding the flag. so i heard both sides.

as for patos willing to submit to terany from government officials who could care less about the u.s. constitution and the bill of rights, well he whould rethink that.


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