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Custard's Last Stand Dan Blaine DBLIVIT As the stage got deeper into the Vedawoo, the pass got narrower and the sky got darker. Up ahead on the horizon, the driver could see a blinking red light on top of the furthest rock formation. He pointed it out to the shotgun guard, Red Ryder and RR told him he’d better send ahead a scout to check it out. Since L’il Beaver was acting as a rear guard, the driver told his trusted companion, Tonto to ride ahead and investigate.

Tonto came back an hour later, looked up at the driver and said: “It appears to be a giant neon sign advertising 7UP, Kimosavee.” “Do you think we’re in a heap of trouble, Tonto?” asked Kimosavee. “Not to worry, give me your silver name tag from Al Deppe’s and I’ll go up there and parlay with whoever it is.” said Tonto. Then he added: “There’s a good stream with a wide meadow right around the bend, why not camp there for the night and catch some trout for supper?”

So the coach pulled onto to the meadow alongside the stream and Red Ryder issued fly rods to all of the passengers who wanted to try catching some trout for the evening meal. Tying a Royal Coachman on his leader, Rich DerGott cast into a likely looking pool and soon hooked a fine cutthroat. After he got 3 fish, he came back to the campsite to have someone prepare the fish for supper. As he held up the trout for all to see, a figure stepped out from behind a big spruce tree.

“Hold on there! Do you have a license to fish in this stream, or for that matter anywhere in the sovereign state of Wyoming?” “Who the hell are you and where’s your badge?” DerGott wanted to know. “I’m Polevoy, the game warden, and I don’t have to show you no stinkin badge!" said the old ZimmerClubber….

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