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CHICAGO JUSTICE AND OUR FLAG Pat O'Shaughnessy patos The guy who flew the flag was on tv tonight. He padded the pole after the neighbor complained about the noise of the ropes hitting the pole. The guy took it down every night at 10 P.M. so it was not interfering with the neighbors sleep. His biggest objection was that the flag was being flown. At least according to guy who flew the flag. While I don't fly a flag myself I think it is anyones right to fly it if he feels like it. Prayer is not allowed in schools, the American flag is no longer allowed to fly in Illinois. What's next?

As far as me supporting the guy because I'm some sort of super patriot that's not the case. I'm a Viet Nam veteran and all of us have been labeled by American society as misfits or disgruntled at best. I'll cop to disgruntled. The American flag to me is not about the government or this country. To me the flag represents the American servicemen and women who served this country in peace and in war esp. the ones who did go to war and risked all so some guy in Illinois could fly the flag in front of his home. NO I'm no super patriot I'm against all forms of government really. I couldn't even be one of those militia guys because they have a chain of command and rules.
So I'll just sit here and spout off until they outlaw it and then I'll just mumble lol

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