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OK Girls tell me do they still? Marguerite Rivas sipoet On 06/24/2000 5:59:00 AM, oldtimer wrote:
>When in elementary school, do
>they still have sewing classes
>Do you still have cooking
>classes while the boys have
>Do you have to make your
>graduation dress
>Do you still dance the
>maypole on May Day?
>Are the boys so immature
>compared to you

Hi OT,

In reply to your question, having two girls, I can tell you: I have yet to see a sewing class, but in Junior High, they have Home Economics and both boys and girls take it.
Both boys and girls take shop class as well.
They also take media technology and computers.

Also, there used to be an organization called "Future Homemakers of America" or FHA for short. I had never heard of it until my niece in Long Island joined, only now it's called "Future Helpers of America" or something like that. She spent one vacation working for Habitat for Humanity putting a new roof and rehabilitating a house for a low-income family. I think this takes the concept of "home- making" to a place that my mother could never have dreamed of. I mean, the FHA literally, made a home. I think this is cool.

The idea of actually making a dress is so foreign to my girls and their peers that they could no more picture it than they could walking on Jupiter. (Actually THAT they could probably picture.)

Haven't seen any dances around the MayPole, but my youngest goes to Catholic school and they still have May crowning, which was the Catholic school equivalent to the May Pole dance which was considered in my day (the '60's) a pagan ritual in Catholic circles.

Speaking for my seventh grader, the boys are way more immature than the girls. They are both, however, far too worldly in a number of respects (and disrespects) -- both boys and girls. My kids know stuff I didn't know until I was a senior in high school. It makes me sad sometimes. I do try to teach them to respect themselves and others, but it is so hard.

Well, that's about all to report on the grade school front. Take care, OT.


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