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Church Bazaars Steve Androvette blue ocean I remember Ed Kranepool and a couple other
Mets and Yanks showing up one night,wearing
some drab leisure suits.Do you remember
Sister Athanacious? The brute with the 2 inch
whacker? I had my first anxiety fit during the 'Stations of the Cross'.The church was
hot and filled with that Catholic insense and
I'm going:"God we're only at Station 3." But
all that wretched Catholicism made for great
friends.It was us against them from day one
in my class.I'm not sure when I graduated.If
I'm 47 now,go figure.BTW:Do you remember the
time Manny Zimmergrowski freaked out in the
auditorium and he went and hid in the seat
storage? What a laugh that was.

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