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OK Girls tell me do they still? Marcene Daniels oldtimer My dear friend Jan,
DBlivitt, Dan Blaine is still at it keeping it going and I.
It died after the Queen would not name those triplets! It is all Gina's fault. LOL
Anyway no one would contribute and I got involved nursing my dear Hubby, John who left this earth in February.
I finally tried to get some life out of it by going out and buying an old mansion. For a house of ill repute. Thought to stir up some mischief!
Clever Dan remembered the old boat rental place and club house there in Clove Lakes Park and named it "The Oar House"
OldTymer or Madam OT is fighting Borough Hall at this time for permits. May have to call it a restaurant or private club. LOL
RS and DBlivitt are somewhere out in the west looking into how one well known House got their permit. LOL Probably will be fighting an Indian War before they ever return, knowing DB!
Hope this brings you up to date.
Marcene the Oldtimer

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