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Church Bazaars Dave Troland trollman Hey Jasperdaze - do you remember the other important stuff that happened in that auditorium? Remember watching every Christmas that wretched Jack Webb movie about the poor hispanic child who stole the infant Jesus from the manger? Remember that little window up near the ceiling with Mr. Moog peering out at all us little gremlins below?
Afterwards Monsignor Vernon (then Brennan) handed out that box of solid congealed confection and next year's Donation Envelopes. I remember immediately rooting thru the box to see the cool envelopes (Ascension, Assumption, Easter, et al.)

Remember Saturday afternoon movies (the Red Balloon and Chatter the Chimp), the Holiday Fair, Friday night Basketball, Bingo, Father/Son Sports Night (Ed Kranepool, Paul Pryor), Hymn Singing practice ("Lor,hor,hord have bir, hird seed, have bir,hir,hir,hird seed"), Sunday mass with those huge fans in the rear (before AC), and so much more.


What year did you graduate from there Jasperdaze? I'm of 69.

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