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Lets Have a Virtual Porch Party wit Rich Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu jan,

it will be rain or shine. makes no difference to me.

fyi, starting in 1979 up until 1991, i had a yearly pot luck bbq at my house. i had an above ground pool with a full deck going three quarters around.

bbq started noon saturday and at least found times it went over night.

i would go to bed at 10 pm, while the party was still going on. i would get up at 5 and start the coffee and get the grill going again for b'fast.

had plenty of beer, wine and soda. southern comfort was kept in a special cabinet near the pool that no one knew about cept me.

anyways, i did love those parties. the neithbors were invited, colleagues from work were invited and of course friend from around the area.

so this party on the web, everyone is invited.


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