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Armed Confrontation Ken Parese PoTown On 06/21/2000 3:25:00 PM, Rich LaDieu wrote:
>i disagree the apathy of the
>past three or more decades is
>not making us all crazy. it
>is making me angry. i am
>totally upset because i was
>taught to obey the laws, do
>your job, pay your taxes, take
>care of your family and your
>neighbor and you will succeed.


We are more in agreement than you realize!

Clarification: "us" in the context that I used is defined as hard-working, tax-paying citizens who behave respectfully to others and teach their children the same; "crazy" in the context used is our reaction of anger, dismay to those who want their 15 minutes of fame and behave disrespectfully and with violence to others' constitutional and civil rights.

The radicals of both sides of the political spectrum have set the stage for what we've been witnessing in the past five erosion of society.

KP of PoTown

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