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fishballs revisited Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs You see, the folks who frequented Martlings were not the least bit behind the Esquimeaux who used a quite similar method to hunt the huge and dangerous Polar Bear.

As I heard the story, told to me by an Inuit in an Igloo, after he kindly allowed me the pleasure of warming myself by the light of a tallow lamp, under a bearskin with his charming wife, oblivious to the raging storm outside, the Polar Bear has acquired an unquenchable thirst for canned green peas.

The method of cutting a hole in the ice appears identical, as does the sprinkling of the contents of the can of peas around the cut hole.

The Esquimeaux lie in wait with their clubs, fashioned from driftwood.

And then...

...when the huge and grizzly Polar Bear arrives to take a pea, the ingenious natives kick him in the ice-hole, finishing the effort with their clubs, of course.

Thanks for reminding me of this time-honored method of capturing the Polar Bear, DB, I'd almost forgotten.

The Esquimeaux has nothing on the Olde StatNislander.


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