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While some one is off the subject and the fumes of the paint may have gotten to Hairsuit and DBlivitt some of us still are in pursuit of art. LOL
Hairsuit gazed about among all his so called models and looked over at Margie. She gave him an idea for another panel. He wrapped some of his painting cloths around her shoulders, put his shoes on her feet, an old worn cap on her head, and looked slowly into her eyes. Hmmmmm you my dear Will make the perfect subject for my pretzel lady. He painted her as an old lady pushing an over laden cart of wood. It resembled an old baby carriage with the hood folded down and with long wooden dowels sticking up around the edges. These were holding very large pretzels. IN the body of the carriage lay all of the ladies items she snacked on as she stood her place at the pier. IN that carriage were carrots, celery sticks, mushrooms, little tomatoes, a few green onions and some turnip slices. She also had a few dips in little containers. She munched as she tried to sell her wares. See, this vendor was the original vegetarian of all times. NO Nathan's dogs for her, it was veggies and pretzels for sure. This panel was next to one he painted of an old Irish jig dancer. The model for this was none other than our Patos, long missing from our midst but resurfacing for this scene. Along the side laughing in her fringee boots stood none other than the Queen herself and she was joining in the dance with her Irish friend and holding her skirts high in a big kick was none other that the Queen Mum herself, in a red wig so no one would see the resemblance to that drunk in the other panel with the one in the purple hair, Little Leeza Brown.

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