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Custard's Last Stand Dan Blaine DBLIVIT The stage now approached the high granite rock formations marking the beginning of the Vedawoo pass. As they passed beneath the first overhang, everyone heard a loud “HEE-HAW” coming out of a narrow ravine to the right. The driver pulled up on the reins and halted the coach. Out of the ravine came an old prospector leading a mule. He asked the driver if he could buy passage to Fort Laramie, as his mule was too tired to carry him through the pass. The driver asked him how was he going to pay the fare? The prospector reached in his saddle bag, took out a small drawsack and shook a few gold nuggets into the driver’s hand. He told the driver that the nuggets were also for the right to hitch his mule to the back of the coach…the driver agreed and the old prospector hitched his mule to the coach and climbed into the passenger compartment.

As soon as the coach got under way, the prospector opened up his drawsack and distributed pencils and sheets of paper to each of the passengers. “Alright, today is Monday and here is the weekly pop quiz” said the prospector. “Put your last name, first name, date and Earth Science 3rd period across the top. Then number from 1 –10 down the paper leaving a line space between each number.”

“Who is that guy?” whispered Rich DerGott to DBLIVIT. “That’s Mr. Keene, tracer of lost rocks from Curtis.” Replied DBLIVIT…”Now shut up and pay attention, or we’ll be getting an extra quiz!” The tracer of lost rocks reached in his pouch and pulled out a rock. Handing the sample to Flora, Joe Smith’s first wife, he told her to look at it carefully and then pass it on. He told the other passengers to write down on line one whether the sample was igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary….

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