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The Decks of the Mary Maury were lined uP with passengers who parted to either side as BarNACLe Bill led the Royal Ladies tour of his sometimes oily damp fat pretzel smelling ferry boat.

The passengers were beginning to cheer as BarNACLe led the entorage from deck to deck & stem to stern. Knowing how the Queen & Queen Mum LUVED a good rockin party they all started to jUMp & DaNcE aroung the decks. BarNACLe Bill tried to calm the passengers down fearing that too much Rock N Rollin on the old Mary Maury might shake his secret get away boat that he had borrowed at a 5 Finger Discount sale that was held at Shoals Dock in The Year Of The Flood loose and it would be discovered that he was using the Mary Maury for his own private incredible boat storage OOPSSSSSS!!! there it goes...SPLASH - DUNK

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