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DO ANY OF YOU REMEMBER? Marcene Daniels oldtimer
When your tire went flat on a car or cycle you had to remove an inner tube, patch it up, re-insert, then fill with air?

last winter when I said that just about now you will be wishing for some cooler weather?

Remember when we lit the damn water heater to get hot water for a bath?

Beat rugs to get the dirt out?

Had summer rugs of sisal?

Curtain stretchers?

Clothes lines on pulleys?

Cloth diapers?


Snow suits?


Penny candy?

In fact anything that cost a penny? LOL

Walking to get about not for excercize only?

Tap dance or ballet lessons?

Mary Jane shoes?

Saddle shoes

Playing school, house or any really all day games with all the kids on the block?

Doll carriages

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