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"The Tech Rep" By James Michener; Continued"

"And when I tell them that in addition to the first near fatal goring, Holt has been hit three other times, so that his torso now looks like a pincushion, they mumble, IDIOT.

Finally I show them the photograph of Pamplona which for me best captures the fey quality of the place. It is early morning, of course, and the streets through which the bulls are running are packed with daring men in white costumes, Harvy Holt has obviously been running like hell right before the horns, but now the moment has come when he can no longer keep ahead of the bulls, He feels their panting breath on his back, so with a superb of gallantry he draws to one side, rises on his tiptoes, throws his arms high in the air, sucks in his gut, and hangs there poised like the noblest of the Greek statues while the bulls rush by, their horns lest than an inch from his waist. Man, the animal, has rarely looked more glorious than with this confrontation with the bull, the larger animal; he hangs suspended in time, in space, in meaning. John Keats would have understood this photograph and would not have asked, WHY WOULD A MAN DO SUCH A THING? The more pertinent question would be, IF ANY MAN FINDS SUCH JOY IN A GIVEN ACT, WHY WOULD HE DO ANYTHING ELSE?"

The End!

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