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~*~HAPPY FATHERS DAY~*~ Marcene Daniels oldtimer As all of you have read from postings from JR and Gina who had met my hubby, JOhn he never was one to be outspoken. He was wrongly diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease about nine years ago. When he realized he may not have too long to live he changed immediately. Our fiftieth anniversary followed that diagnosis and he as a big surprise to me stood and gave a speech. He told how much he loved his kids and I and we just could not believe it!
From that time on he openly showed his affection to all. What a difference it made.
He was always very affectionate in private but this enabled him to show it always to each one individually. Seems it is easy to do so with the girls but always was hard for him with his sons.
Hug someone today!

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