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Armed Confrontation Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu stan, gina,

i agree with both of you. however gina, i believe you may be too far off the beaten track.

the ruls/laws regarding guns were not broken or twisted by the law abiding. they were broken and twisted by criminals who used money hungry lawyers to defend their so call rights.

i am a law abiding citizen and i resent a communistic form of government that is trying to protect the common criminal and not my rights. yea i used the c word again because that is what is happening in this country now.

kruschev --- the russin leader in the 50's said we would be buried from within and we are burrying our selfs from within.

i am a believer in demonstrating. i have been in jail at least six times here in prince george's country for exercising my constitutional right to peacefully protest against a croocked government. that was in the late eighties and early nineties. i did not use threats or force or arms. i just sat on the floor. i was arrested for doing that.

so stan has a point. the police are not allowed to check the guns to see if they are loaded??? what a crock of horse feathers.

anyway, that is past and stan's rights along with other law abiding citizens have been taken away.

this is not the way this country is suppose to be.


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