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Church Bazaars Marianne Bilyck Marianne My memories of Church bazaars are filled with the scents of citronella, cotton candy and the already mentioned sausage and pepper sandwiches. The ones we attended always seemed to have a "Basket of Cheer" as one of the minor major prizes. In the 50's there seemed to be a lot of new station wagons raffled off. The predominant sound that such memories bring back is the "playing card in the bike spoke" like sound that the wheels made as the games of chance were played.
In those Lotto-free days almost every Parish had a weekly/monthly raffle for a $500 prize. My parents were scrambling in the mid 50's to buy their first home and the $500 prize they won on a ticket from St. Pauls got them the last amount they needed for the closing costs,etc. They certainly were simpler times!

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