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Church Bazaars Carol Jones Lorac1 Marguerite, I too, remember the bazaars that were held by Our Lady Star of the Sea Church. I can recall when they were held behind the church (Huguenot Ave.) on Prall Ave. which was in the early 1950s. There were a few games of chance and as far as bazaars go this one was very simple, no rides and very simple foods for sale, etc. But lots of fun for us that lived in a very small and quiet town. The good Fathers would even help us to win at some of the games, the penny pitching, etc. My most valuable prize (?) was a double, swivel, beige plastic Xavier Cuget (sp) canasta card holder!! Still can't recall why that was a prize, but, I suspect that because canasta was a popular card game (played it all of the time with the older folks in the family) and he was a popular band leader, it was the prize of the times. Still smile at the thought of winning this simple prize from placing my nickel on the lucky number and it coming out on the wheel! The church also, over the years, raffled off two houses, what a novel idea! One of the houses was built on Drumgoole Blvd. (now the service road for the expressway) and the other was just off of Hylan Blvd. The last time I was on the Island the houses were still there. I still think that has to be the most unique raffle that a small town church has ever had! I have never again been to any bazaar that was as much fun for its simplicity.


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