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"The Tech Rep" By James Michener; Continued"

"I kept a set in Geneva, and strangers who know nothing of Pamplona or Harvey Holt can scarcely credit what the camera shows. They see Holt running a few inches ahead of stampeding bulls. They see him looking back over his shoulder, laughing, as if this were the apex joy a man could know. They see him stumble in front of the charging bulls. They see five bulls and ten steers run right over him, as if they were paving a block. And most spectacular of all, they see the final bull sink his right horn into Holt's chest and throw him in the air. The last shot shows Holt landing on his head, feet aloft, with blood already staining his white shirt, while the six bulls and their accompanying steers disappear.

Until you see these photographs you cannot understand Pamplona, and until you know that for the following sixteen years the principal actor in the photographs came back to run with the bulls-a total of a hundred and twelve mornings, six hundred and seventy-two bulls, anyone which could have gored him the way Pablo Romero did-you cannot understand Harvey Holt.

WHY WOULD A MAN DO THAT...VOLUNTARILY? Many of my guests in Geneva would ask. When I have explained that he goes back every year to repeat, they have been incredulous. HE WAS EXTREMELY LUCKY. LOOK...THOSE BULLS ARE RUNNING RIGHT OVER HIM!"

To be Continued:

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