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Now I have done it! C Connelly mcgil Art,
I was only kidding. I was in Norway for about a week last summer for my sister's internment. We were only in Oslo & on the southwestern coast and there seemed to be little change since the last time I was there in 1990/1991 (we spent Christmas in Sweden and New Years in Oslo. What a great experience.)
The fast food restaurants are there but they haven't taken over. Now pizza -- that's different story -- the Norwegians love pizza and their pizza is really,very good. My brother-in-law's Mom is from Stravanger and goes back every summer and I haven't heard her complain -- which she would (loudly) if there had been any major changes, so I'm sure it will be ok.

I don't know if you've been there before, but if you do get to Oslo try to take in the Resistance Museum. It is the most profound experience for someone with Norwegian roots.
I grew up with stories from relatives who were in Norway during WWII and it really brought it home to me. Even my kids (16 and 8 at the time) were fascinated and came home with a real sense of the recent history of their people.

Enjoy yourself and have a great trip,

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