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Is Dis Why We Have Kids???? Harry White Harry da Hammer My youngest daughter sent me this with subject, "Funny".

"The Word of the Day for June 17 is:

harry \HAIR-ee\ (verb)
1 : raid, pillage
*2 : to torment by or as if by constant attack

Example sentence:
Seven-year-old Lisa harried her little brother with pokes, hair pulling, and teasing, badgering him until he burst into

Did you know?
Was there once a particularly argumentive guy named "Harry" whose name became a synonym for raiding and pillaging? Nope. "Harry," or a word resembling it, has been a part of English for as long as there has been anything that could be called English. It took the form "hergian" in Old English and "harien" in Middle English, then passed through numerous variations before finally settling into its modern spelling. The word's Old English ancestors are related to Old High German words "herion" ("to lay
waste") and "heri" ("army"), terms that are themselves akin to the Greek "koiranos," meaning "ruler."

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence.

I jus don no wat ta tink.
H da H

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