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to all including rs C Connelly mcgil There is also the fact of the pro-gun lobby distorting what the anti-gun faction is saying. No matter what Chuck Heston is saying, no one, except extremists, is trying to take away anyone's guns.

I had a very close friend killed in the prime of his life because someone was waving around his father's hunting rifle trying to be cool. This person had been around guns all his life, but all it took was a little bit of alcohol and he forgot everything he had learned and ended up killing a very special young man. How many children/young adults are killed every year because they or another child gets hold of a gun? How many more children have to die?

The gun issue is complicated. There's no one answer, but we have to do something. The other night of CNN was a story of a D.C. high school graduation. Eight members of the graduating class had been killed by guns during the past school year. That's eight children killed in one high school class in nine months. In my own small town, a 19 year old with a great future ahead of him was killed early New Years morning when two of his friends started shooting off guns while celebrating new years at a remote hunting camp. One life lost, two ruined and so many effected. What do we do?

We have to start dealing with the guns and the killing before it's too late. I don't have the answers but if it takes more gun control laws to save just one child's life, I'm all in favor.

just my opinion,

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