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Now I have done it! Gina * Gina And a bunch a warm fuzzy (((((HUG))))) back at ya OT

So happy that RS & his son finally got uP the hill to visit with U. OH sure U get to see the lighter side of the Fawcawnahs boy LOL - Thanks for sharing the OT - RS chat & happy hugs meeting with us.

I know from talking with U last week how upset & lonely U were feeling. I know too how much U needed some good company and warm friendly ((((HUGS)))), I thank RS for bringing his warmth with him to deliver some "hugs of healing".

Nuttin like gettin together with someone from this Family of Friends who carries with them their "Home of The Heart" & who special delivers their family feeling right to "U" - Thanks RS for stopping by n comforting my "Left Coast Mom" :)

Pssssssssssstttttttt RS c'mere I gotta ask ya somethin...did she offer U any of her crumb bun stash & kaWfee? LOL


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