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Now I have done it! Marcene Daniels oldtimer
I have to go ahead now and tell you all I am in love at the age of almost 78. LOL
Do not know if it is with R.S. or his son Rick. I met them both yesterday. He went out of his way to come see me. We spent a few hours and it flew by like time does when you are having such a pleasant time.
Last week I was in the dumper all week. It was normal I guess to finally come to grips with the loss of my hubby. J.R. and Gina had phoned and tried to cheer me up but it was this personal touch of Bob Sheridan's that touched me so much.
He is such a warm human being and their hugs and touch of kindness was wonderful. I am so afraid in my finally meeting him I really ran off at the mouth a lot. Poor guy never got too many words out before I jumped in lol. We chatted and laughed and chatted some more.
I felt like he was a close relative I had missed seeing in a long time. This is the benefit of being a Staten Island Web site visitor. We all seem like family.
A warm fuzzy, HUG to you all,

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