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to all including rs Neal Mulligan neal Rich,
I agree. In fact the whole anti-gun crowd is not debating in good faith. I know how stupid that sounds. When has any political group debated in good faith? But, its more true in this case than in others.
When the founding fathers agreed to the bill of rights it was in response to the distrust the citizens and the individual states had for the central government. A well regulated militia the anti-gun people say, means something like the National Guard, controlled by the government, or at least a government armory which dispenses arms when needed. It was government the FFs were concerned about. The FFs would be ROTFLOL if they heard these suggestions.

Of course that was then this is now. We know longer have to fear government, right. And government is so good at protecting us from criminals, what's to worry? "Don't we register cars because they are dangerous?", I heard Bob Torricelli ask. Well yes, but not all cars, only those we intend to take on the road, and the constitution doesn't guarantee the right to drive. The anti-gun people freely lie and distort statistics about guns: A person who owns a gun is 43% more likely to be killed by a gun than a person who does not own a gun; Children are killed a rate of 14 per thousand daily; Gun owners are more likely to be a crime victims than those who do not own guns. ALL LIES!


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