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Channel 4 News Charlie Joseph CharlieJ On 06/15/2000 8:07:00 PM, grjaenicke wrote:
>Hey thanks again for everyones
>concern I did see that
>interview on Good Morning
>America this morning.
>The more I read about what is
>known the more I personally
>believe that she was taken
>right from her hotel room .Too
>many things just dont add up.
>If she was out exploring the
>local color or the Bob Marley
>exhibit why would her camera
>wallet ,cash and credit cards
>all be in her room. Something
>sure isn't right about this
>Thanks again to all.

Not trying to put a slant one way or another. If it's fishy to you, then it is fishy. But I just wanted to explain one other thing about Sandals in Jamaica. They tell you, if you are going out of the compound to leave your money, credit cards and other valuables in your room. They tell you the staff is trustworthy (grain of salt here, although we had no problems), but outside the compound unless you are under escort in a regular tour, all bets are off. Take only as much money as you need for the time you will be gone or are willing to lose. They have an orientation briefing when each new group arrives and explain this stuff.
When we were there, there also was a group of visiting travel agents. They are the only ones who don't have to be a couple. I don't know if they get the full briefing or not as they don't necessarily arrive with the large group of customers on Day 1 of your week. And it might be bad press to tell this stuff to travel agents.

My thoughts are with you.

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