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Armed Confrontation Gina * Gina On 06/16/2000 4:32:00 PM, sjsinger wrote:
>To answer Gina about whether
>the gun was loaded or not, all
>guns are loaded when they are
>pointed at you. I don't think
>you have the time or ability
>to check to see.

Stan I wasn't questioning "were the guns loaded" - was just commenting on what the news reports said.

I know quite well about the statement "All GUNS are loaded" - Many friends and members of my family work in Law Enforcement in one capacity or another. I was married for almost 30 years of which almost 20 my husband was a Police Officer. Consequently - "all guns are loaded" was his statement of authoritative "BEWARE / CAUTION" every time weapons of any kind were in conversation or just mentioned.

GUNS are a weapon used for killing - killing of animals for food, killing of animals for sport, there are other ways besides guns. Killing of HUMAN BEINGS is what put the gun into an "out of control" classification. Man (in the generic form meaning men/women) is a 2 legged animal - guns should stripped from their hands so as to keep them alive n above ground...not 6 foot under at the end of a gun engaged by violence/crime, before their time.

If Man had respected & used the gun properly in the first place, if the rules of right to bare arms & respect of the laws governing them put forth by our Foundling Fathers of America in their writing of the United States Constitution / Bill of Rights we would have never gotten to to todays fight to get rid of em. The laws/rules/respect of guns have been broken. twisted & expanded n distorted out of the bounds of personal protection n safety.

Who/what is at fault, GUNS or MAN?

Give em an inch & they take a foot...
Give em a gun & they fire one shot too many...deadly


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