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Armed Confrontation Gina * Gina On 06/16/2000 3:04:00 PM, Rich LaDieu wrote:

>p.s. did the police step in
>and disarm the
>demonstrators??? or were they
>forced to stand by and watch
>for fear they would be charged
>with discrimination????

G - Rich based on the news update I just viewed a few minutes ago on MSNBC, the police are in a "stand by & watch" mode. The "New Black Muslim Movement and the New Black Panther Party" demonstrators (crazy as it sounds) are within their rights to "display" their arms. It is also not known if the guns being carried are loaded or not - because of "their rights" they can't be checked unless their is suspicion of/or intent to harm.

From my point of view:
"Discrimination Fears" by "ONLOOKERS" & "LAW ENFORCEMENT" seems to have put the demonstrators "wall of protection" uP again - the stride, sternness of facial expression, costume & demeanor "fear them" is just ONE of the silent messages being strongly emanated by the marchers.

The GOOD news is: while I was composing this post - a 2nd MSNBC news uPdate announced that the demonstration is over and the members have departed from the area. :))


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