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Armed Confrontation Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu stan,

i regret that you and other law abiding citizens in the state of texas were forced to see an armed demonstrators who, in my opinion only, have a racist agenda.

you are correct, education regarding what is right and wrong, what is legal and illegal, what is not acceptiable with regarding discrimination of any kind begins at home, then our schools, our churches etc.

personally it is a crime to force you to change your opinion about gun control etc. you took a position regarding guns because of your beliefs. now you are forced through fear to change your opinion.

it seems many of our politicans, and citizens who are anti gun have forgotten what hitler and his goons did in germany in the thirties. or what stalin and lenin did in the soviet union at the same time.

for the record, i am a firm believe that any law abiding american has a right to own a gun. i do not believe they should be used or anything other than sport shooting --- matches etc, hunting and for self defense of ones home, self and family.

i own several long guns and am proud to own them. i will never give them up for any reason --- and part of my belief is based just on what you witnesses today.

i do believe in hand gun registration, no long gun. remember, if the enemy seizes power in this country --- and it can happen --- knowing who owns a gun of any kind will help the bad guys take over that much easier.

see the movie red dawn. although it is fiction, it can become true.


p.s. did the police step in and disarm the demonstrators??? or were they forced to stand by and watch for fear they would be charged with discrimination????

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