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Armed Confrontation Stanley J. Singer sjsinger I have just witnessed a group of black protestors heavily armed with assault rifles march on the Texas Republican Convention here in Houston. They were protesting the coming execution of a black man whose verdict was reviewed 31 times by appellate courts and not overturned once. He allegedly committed murder, his son was just convicted of first degree murder by a criminal court. the tax payers both white and black have paid millions of dollars in these appeals. I agree the death penalty is harsh, but convicted murderers have carried out the death penalty on their victims. I am certain that there may be errors in some trials and convictions but there were no errors in posting the death of their victims.

I am now reviewing my position on gun control in light of the armed demonstration and threats of this morning.

I admit we need education to stop drug use, crime not only for minorities but for all, but I believe that the education must begin from within, in our churches, synagogues, mosks etc, in our homes and in our ethnic organizations.

I am deeply depressed by the action of this morning for I feel that armed demonstrations and threats is not the freedom for which millions of our service people forfeited their lives to defend.
Stan Singer

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